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This tool can convert from UTF-8 strings to BaseN (any arbitrary base). It can also convert from BaseN to UTF-8 or HEX. The conversion alphabet can also be specified for these conversions as well. For example, when you convert ASCII to HEX, the output is made up of alphabet 0123456789abcdef. But if we like we can specify the output alphabet to be Gb$&c@=+9521ocx~. This would mean that the HEX char 0 will be represented as a G, the HEX char 1 will be a b, 2 will be $, and so on.

As always, be VERY careful when pasting encoded data into arbitrary websites! Encoded strings could contain any kind of data, including passwords and tokens, and therefore must be treated as confidential.

ALL processing on this website is done client-side. However, this may not be case with other sites.

NOTE using 64 as the base, will NOT give the same results as traditional Base64. If you are unsure why this is the case, you can read how traditional Base64 works here.




Conversion Alphabet


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