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Proxmark3 MIFARE Classic Reading and Cloning

Dump Keys (check for default keys):

Sometimes not all keys will be retrieved even if they are all default. Running the command again may be required.

hf mf chk
hf mf fchk
  • Either command should work

Auto Dump Card Keys & Data:

hf mf autopwn

Although this should work, the data dump file can be corrupted. If this happens, it’s recommended to use the below command to dump the card data using the retrieved keys.

Dump Card Data with Key File:

This requires having the keys already. This command should work more reliably since it will correct errors and reload the block.

hf mf dump

Emulate Card From Dump File:

hf mf eload --1k -f DUMP_FILE
hf mf sim --1k -u 11223344
  • A 7 byte UID can also be specified for the -u parameter.
  • -u parameter may not be required, but it can be changed.

Check Emulator Memory:

hf mf eview 

Set Block in Emulator Memory:

hf mf esetblk -b 4 -d 11223344112233441122334411223344
  • -b or --blk is the block number as a decimal number
  • -d or --data is the block data in hex. It must be 16 bytes.
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